Doesn't it feel great to get back to the profession we love again? Is your PT reputation important to you??? If you love being a physical therapist and you are ready for a change in your work environment, please read on to see if we are a match. My name is Peter Zielinski and I practice orthopedic PT in a humble private practice in Monroe. I am proud to tell you that we are the same kind, caring committed TEAM today as we were when we started in 2000. That's right, even with all the 'wonderful' HMO/insurance hurdles that have been thrown our way in that time.

Our reputation is extremely well respected by patients and medical professionals throughout the region. Our secret is simple. Our patients are highly motivated and compliant. They have done their research and have chosen our practice over many others which are closer to where they live. Our outcomes consistently "get you better faster and keep you better longer"!

Our team of PTs are lifelong learners who love developing their skills no matter their level of experience. Weekly clinical development, unlimited course reimbursement, and a quarterly and annual bonus structure are just a few ways we challenge and reward ourselves. It's not the color of the walls or the amount of fancy equipment that optimizes our patients' function. It's the drive and ability of our TEAM, and the effectiveness of our outcomes!

I still believe there are PTs of all levels of experience that are in this awesome profession, challenging their clinical skill growth daily, for the benefit of their patients. I hope I have effectively conveyed who we are as a practice. If your goals and inspiration match with ours, please reach out to me personally at to discuss some of our exciting employment opportunities. If the timing of this opportunity is not right for you just now, feel free to forward this to a colleague that you think might appreciate this message.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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