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What is Sports Performance Enhancement?

Sports performance enhancement is training that focuses on improving your flexibility, coordination, reaction time, speed, agility, balance and coordination.

In our sports performance enhancement program, we first establish baseline data of your movement patterns. Then, we'll identify compensatory movement behaviors and/or unresolved injuries or pain that are hindering your performance and use that data to develop your individualized aerobic, anaerobic, flexibility and strength training program.

Our sports enhancement program will help you move better sideways (frontal), forward (sagittal) and rotationally (transverse), so you can reach new levels of strength, movement efficiency, agility, speed, work capacity, endurance and power.

How will I benefit from Sports Performance Enhancement Training?

  • Injury prevention - growth and/or increases in the strength of ligaments, tendons, tendon to bone and ligament to bone junction strength, joint cartilage and the connective tissue sheaths within muscle helps reduce the risk of injury.
  • Corrects imbalances - increased muscle flexibility and motor control helps correct imbalances in the body.
  • Increased strength - increased strength means increased rate of force development in less time, which equals more explosive movements.
  • Safely correcting weakness - building strength and establishing proper movement technique and body control will drastically improve your performance and help you prevent injuries and compensatory movement behaviors that can cause weaknesses.
  • Learning from the experts - we will teach you proper posture, knee drive, landing mechanics, mind to body connections, and the establishment of fundamental movement patterns that will help you prevent injuries and teach you how to transition from being a good athlete into being a great one.

What is a Return to Play program?

A Return to Play Program is one where an athletic trainer uses objective criteria to determine if you are functionally ready to return to play after you have completed physical therapy. This is done by identifying deficits in strength, power and/or biomechanics that increase your risk of re-injury. Based on those findings, the athletic trainer will then develops a comprehensive and individualized program to address these deficits that you follow until you can pass the return-to-play criteria.

During the course of the Return to Play program, the athletic director will demonstrate and educate you proper exercise form and techniques with the ultimate goal of preventing and/or reducing sport-related injuries. You will be supervised as you perform the prescribed exercises to assure you are performing them correctly. This will help you more efficiently recover your strength and function, as well as reduce the risk for injury, as you work toward returning to your sport.

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